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How do Accentuated English Courses Work?

We are unique in many ways but most importantly, we have a Course Lesson Plan tailored for you. The Courses you purchase were created based on the common struggles we normally see in an Accented Speaker of English with a specific mother tongue. In other words, we have different courses for individuals whose mother tongue is German, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukraine, etc. There are so many other great advantages about purchasing our courses.

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  • Establishing a pre-post coursework baseline of your level of English accent proficiency
  • 24/7 online access to your courses
  • Potential to join ‘Ask your Instructor Anything’ Webinars
  • Additional coursework to work on inflection, syllable stress and other modifiable speech affects
  • Extremely affordable

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Scroll through the courses below to choose the course that best fits with your current accent. Is your mother tongue Punjabi ? Then choose this course to begin improving your English (Canadian) accent.

Choose now and get the competitive advantage over your other colleagues who are struggling to be understood! Grow your confidence and self-esteem by making this important choice today.


In addition to the online coursework to work on your English accent, you can also improve your other aspects of your English understanding and expression – which of course will give you even a greater advantage.

Luella Jonk has authored four amazing books that are now available as e-books. These are Accent ModificationVocabulary, Articulation, and Literacy. To understand more about what each book delivers, click on each book.

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Luella Jonk

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Suzanne Mouflier

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